The Man Who Didn't Believe In Reparations

"A “rapper” is typically a talentless black who wants people to subsidize him, so that he doesn’t have to get a j-o-b. Rap aka Hip-Hop (r/h) has refuted the racist stereotype, according to which blacks have “natural rhythm,” and revealed that the average black cannot sing, dance, compose music or write lyrics any better than the average white. Rappers’ rants often consist of nothing but narcissistic self-promotion, where the performer brags about himself in the third person. When r/h recordings do include something recognizable as music, it is invariably through plagiarizing someone else’s earlier recording, which is known in r/h by the euphemism “sampling.”"Nicholas Stix, October 21st, 2004

Yes. So, I interviewed Sage Francis yesterday afternoon, who was on tremendous form. We talked about Trustafarians and Michael Moore and Reparations and he agreed with me that KRS-One didn't actually say anything that weird last week. This doesn't seem to be a popular viewpopint. Supposedly liberal Guardian reading types on messageboards all over have denounced him as "an idiot" and much worse.

So what are the real dicks saying? Well, somehow, I found out. I am not sure where I stumbled across this terryfying load of facist toss - but I did. And then this, in which the author - one Nicholas Stix (nothing to do with Motley Crue) - refers to the Boogie Down Don as a "Pro-Al Qaeda Rapper". Amongst other things.

Now, Mister Stix, as you should have noticed by now (if not, click those links and read that crap, NOW!), sticks his email at the bottom of his articles. So I emailed him. Just out of curiosity, like.

I wrote:

Mr Stix

I just read a couple of your articles on the recent KRS-One controversy, having just had a lengthy conversation on the subject with a (white) rapper this afternoon. I am afraid I cannot find anything in what Doc One said that could possibly cause outrage to anyone with a brain. Do you really think American lives are of more value than those of non-Americans?

And tell me, Mr Stix, are you in favour of Reparations?

Yours with some concern

Adam Alphabet

And lo! Half an hour later, a reply!

Nicholas Stix wrote:

- Show quoted text - "I am afraid I cannot find anything in what Doc One said that could possibly cause outrage to anyone with a brain."

So, you're saying that as far as you're concerned, every intelligent person supports the Al Qaeda attack on 911 which slaughtered 3,000 people.

"Do you really think American lives are of more value than those of non-Americans?"

Do you really think that American lives are worthless? That was a rhetorical question; you've already given your answer. Did you cheer along with KRS-One and the Arabs on 911?

"And tell me, Mr Stix, are you in favour of Reparations?"

Do I know you? Who do you think you are, writing to a stranger, and adopting such a prosecutorial tone? You support terrorists slaughtering Americans, AND you're a self-righteous snot. You're a real find. Did your parents disown you? If they killed you, no British jury would convict them. It would be justifiable homicide. They might even be honored by Her Majesty the Queen.

Her Majesty the Queen!

It's a good thing, you're not a journalist. For one "journalist" to write another, demanding that the latter provide his position on a topic on which he's written exhaustively, would expose the letter-writer as a fraud, seeking to pass himself off as a journalist. But since you're a civilian, I'll tell you this, son: Look it up.

Nicholas Stix

Justifiable homicide!


So I wrote back.

Mr Stix

I am saying that nobody with a brain or a sense of perspective could possibly have been surprised by the events of the 11th of September 2001, neither could they argue that America had not done enough over the years to provoke such an attack.

Similarly, people without gunk in their heads are aware that all lives are of equal value, and that murder cannot be justified. That the slaughter of thousands of Americans does not justify the slaughter of tens of thousands of Arabs. Just like the slaughter of untold millions of non-Americans did not justify what happened on the 11th of September 2001.

It would seem, however, you are quite barmy. Why on earth would that gross old lady honour child killers? Evidently you are on drugs.

Anyway, you are quite right, since you put your email at the bottom of your articles it was quite ignorant of me to mail you with a query. I thought you to be merely a reactionary old white dude whose exposure to hip-hop has been limited to that which Viacom deems it OK for the world to hear, but no! A simple google search of your name and the word "reparations", which I just did, reveals you to be an embittered, short-sighted, and intensely dull old Nazi. I was always aware that the likes of you existed, but that you are so brazen, and proud of your obvious deformities, has come as something of a shock to me.

I must be some kind of masochist, as I just clicked onto another of your articles, in which you dismiss the claim that "the Bush brothers stole the 2000 election" as a great big lie! What, that was won fairly? Nothing to do with the Supreme Court? You ARE on drugs! Please stop it! The world is not so bad a place that you must drown it out with chemicals! even with the likes of your running around being super mean to everybody!

Yours with some sympathy

Adam Alphabet

And I waited, like, ten hours for the dude to reply, so I could post all this with whatever punchline the dude was going to bring, but sadly, no punchline. Perhaps his parents killed him.

So, anyway, Sage and I were talking about how all these big rappers like Jada and Eminem are making vague political statements now, and Sage wasn't feeling the Eminem thing too much. I can't say I think it's the best thing he's ever done, and neither is it particularly clever, or insightful.


I got home, and saw the video, and the video is amazing, and it all makes complete sense now. "Let me simplify the rhyme to amplify the noise," raps Em at one point. Slowly. Like, the only point he is making here is, Shit Is Fucked Up, but you can do something about it, and that is Vote. 'Mosh isn't for me and Sage. 'Mosh' is for the kids. And the not so up on matters. Remember people havin a go at Nas for 'I Can'? It's like that.

So, some things to read. This is my boy Luke's review of the new Leonard Cohen joint, expressing emotions poor Mr Stix might not be aware of. Some poor fool weeping about the Death Of English ("Good English depends on a cultivated elite to preserve it. A pride in language is needed to prevent degradation from seeping upward from the lower classes.") And this is an excellent and excellently put What If. Did any of you used to read those? There was a really dope Death's Head one once, when Death's Head I failed to kill Death's Head. Anyway.