The Lunchtime News

"The autumn months are never a calm time in America. Autumn is a very Traditional period, a time of strong Rituals and the celebrating of strange annual holidays like Halloween and Satanism and the fateful Harvest Moon, which can have ominous implications for some people.... There is always a rash of kidnapping and abductions of schoolchildren in the football months. Preteens of both sexes are traditionally seized and grabbed off the streets by gangs of organized perverts who traditionally give them as Christmas gifts to each other to be personal sex slaves and playthings."Hunter S Thompson

Burmese Military Shooting Monks, Raid Monasteries. "According to witnesses soldiers smashed windows and doors and beat the sleeping monks. Some escaped but hundreds of monks were taken away in military trucks."

(Just heard on Radio 4 - "you've got ten minutes to leave or be shot.") Scary Peak Oil Movie Released "You needn’t be a conspiracy theorist to see a connection between America’s current obsessions with the Middle East and national security, and the world’s looming oil crisis."

XXL Magazine's Publishers Drop New Gun Mag Called "Glock" "The town of Jackson Hole is one of America's most beautiful - and GLOCK keeps it one of the most peaceful." Australian Government Hijack Web A bill introduced this week by Australia's Parliament would give the Australian federal police the power to control which sites can and cannot be viewed by Australian Web surfers.

Uncle Murda Snitches On Self "I feel like if a nigga was in the street doing what he was doing and a nigga snitched on another nigga in the street to bail himself out of jail or make his situation better - I’m really against that shit. I feel like if you can’t kill that motherfucker in six months, or if that nigga can’t die, you need to go get somebody in his family or something." ENOUGH!!!