The Look On Your Face

Boy, Pink Grease were awesome last night. Made me totally forget about the real world for about 36 minutes. Oh, those crazy Israelis. If they're not bombing the Red Cross in the Lebanon, they're shooting up funerals in Gaza. Actually, Israelis isn't fair. That's like me saying its Yanks and Britishers raping Iraq. Which it is, but its not as if these actions reflect the will of the British and American people. I know, having lived in both places and done lots of going into bars I probably oughtn't, that even the crazy right wing racists gun-chuggers aren't behind out current bloody folly. I mean, its not like they're even getting anything out of it at all. As one old bugger said to me in LA, "we're there to steal their oil, that's fine by me. So what's this three bucks a gallon bullshit? Something is fucked up."

Depending on the the time of day, and how long it is since I last quit smoking, I will give you a different answer on the question of collective responsibility, however. Sometimes I think it is as much my fault that all of this is going on as, say, Blair's, because I have been in a position where I could have killed him twice and I never.

Ho ho, eh? Tomorrow, Greg Palast tells me, "Exxon is expected to report the highest second-quarter earnings of any corporation since the days of the Pharaoh, $9.9 billion in pure profit collected in just three months".

10 Billion in three months?! WOT? And you still think Blair runs the country?! Are you MAD!?

"Exxon’s brobdingnagian profits simply reflect the cold axiom that oil companies and oil states don’t make their loot by finding oil but by finding trouble," continues Dr Palast. "Finding oil increases supply. Increased supply means decreased price. Whereas finding trouble — wars, coup d’etats, hurricanes, whatever can disrupt supply — raises the price of oil.

A couple of examples from today’s Bloomberg newswire are:

“Crude oil traded above $75 a barrel in New York as fighting between Israeli and Iranian-backed Hezbollah forces in Lebanon entered its 14th day… Oil prices rose last month on concern for supplies from Iran, the world’s fourth largest producer, may be disrupted in its dispute with the United Nations over its uranium enrichment … [And, said a trader,] ‘I still think $85 is likely this summer. I’m really surprised we haven’t seen any hurricanes.”’

Anyone who observed in horror as that Weather Modification bill passed in the US last Autumn probably felt as sick as I did reading that last comment. The rest of you, stop sniggering at the back and go do your fucking research. They sussed out how to control hurricanes in the 60s. Cloud seeding, I believe they called it. Anyway. If you think the same crazy nutbars refusing to call a ceasefire in the Middle Of The East right now wouldn't fuck with a storm to make themselves another valley of cash, you're smoking the same crack they are. Get this into your face, baby - those people we've entrusted with our safety, those people meant to be looking out for us - they're not looking out for "us". I don't know when they ever were. Not in my lifetime, bubba. Ain't nothing nice about these motherfuckers baby. Ain't nothing nice.

Yo, I gotta say it again: $9.9 billion.

Get me?