The Lady In Red

I am really hyped about Saturday's gig yo. Rehearsal tonight was wicked. Although we're losing Martin to a wedding, we have Mary and Jeres who are just fucking brilliant right now, and we have Dego Brown doing rap texture. Rehearsal was fucking ace - by the last take on Gitmo (Yeah we're bringing that monster out!) I was having as much fun as person can have with a mike. And they tell me it's gonna be BEOTH up En Dubbya! BOETH I TELLS YE! So. Yeah. After rehearsal Jeres and Dego and I ducked into our least favourite Stokey drinking hole, The Jolly Murderers, because it's open after one. And we ran into Carla. Who I haven't seen for three years. And it's odd, because I was only talking about Crack Village yesterday. And DJ Slepton, our old DJ, came by my pad today. I aint seen him in time neither. Carla was part of our gang back then. We used to take drugs and listen to the Wu and play Monopoly and shit. It was ace, because we were babies. Carla was the first person to play me Leonard Cohen's Diamonds In The Mines. I played her Nick Cave's God Is In The House. We gave each other song, and now I have Cohen's heart on my neck and Carla has Cave's God in her house.

So it was dope. And it was karaoke night in The Jolly Murderers. Jeres sang some risible Paul McCartney song to annoy me. Dego wasn't having it. I did Lady In Red and bought the house down.

Good times. Moments. I am at my desk now. I am going to Manchester in the morning to meet a man abut making a noise. This is already history. That's what art is for. To capture those moments, or the essence of those moments, that our linear perception of reality forget. We wander around blind most of the time. Life slips through our fingers like baby powder.

On Lady In Red, Chris de Burgh sings:

"I have never seen that dress you're wearing Or the highlights in your head that catch your eyes I have been blind"