The Kidnapping... T-SHIRT & TRACKLIST!

Damn I love that tune. And damn, I love this site. I am so happy with this site. I am so happy that you're so happy with this site.  ZEF! You are a G!

Ah, happy happy happy. I am happy I got to see Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All in Stoke Newington on Friday night, even though I lost my steel toecap and my tit ring in the mosh pit (the same tit ring that's actually an ear ring that I've had in ever since I took the safety pin I made the hole with out when I was 14). I'm happy my contract is up today and I get to have a brand new phone so I can take photos off my bike and stuff. I am so happy with all of you for helping us sort out the site's niggles. Keep any problems you find coming in here, we're working our way through it all. The Best Artist Website In The World is going to get better and better.


You know what else I'm happy about?

The LP me and Joey made.

It's called

The Kidnapping Of Akira The Don By Joey2tits

Adam Walton played the first track (unmastered version) on his BBC Radio Wales show last night at midnight when this site lauched. I love Adam, he's a G.

The LP started out as a mixtape. Yeah, while the site was down, not only was I uploading every song I've ever done and all that sort of thing, but I was making an LP with my buddy Joey. If making an LP with you friends doesn't make you happy you shouldn't be making LPs, frankly.

Oh, it's flipping ace, oh my brothers and sisters. A super droog called GAZ who lives in Bristol and does all Martin Carr's stuff has mastered it, and it's winging its magical way to me right now, through 118 CABLES. I am flipping excited to hear it, let me tell you. It's an epic piece of work. Just look at this tracklisting!

1.The Kidnapping (Skit) 2.All Now, Or Never 3. Seek A Sound So Rare 4. Confined Spaces (Skit) 5. The Weed Song 6. Pissing On The Roof 7. Welcome To Studio Joey2tits (Skit) 8. The Wrestler 9. Well Done (Skit) 10. Pyke 11. Non-Fiction Feat. Lisa Dwyer 12. Who's Joey2Tits? (Skit) 13. People Like Us 14. Dwelling In Dystopia 15. Escape (Skit) 16. Living In The Future 2

Yeah, you read correctly.

Are you excited?


So, see that picture up there? That's the design for the T Shirt that's coming with it.


It's screen printed by my boy John in Cornwall on luxurious Fruit Of The Loom HEAVY COTTON. They'll be ready in about a week. You can preorder yours right now for just £10. £10! And it comes with a free digital copy of the record. What the heck are you waiting for?!

Get on that ish pronto!

OK, bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. My phone contract is up and I'm due an upgrade. I am seeing the dentist. And I'm dancing around Don Studios to the sounds of an amazing new record.

See you then!