The Intrepid Fox

Wow, that new Darkness single seemed crap on first play, but now I know it is AMAZING! Funny how that goes. AND! I am reporting from inside the Intrepid Fox in Soho. So goeth the future. Get me? Anyway.


Really obvious post-street-teaming kicks ass. I am told an initially reticent Zane Lowe played CLONES again last night, with an attached spiel that went a bit like this:

"I know there is something on telling people to email in to me and we appreciate your passion for it and we are playing it cos we love it but we're getting about 500 emails a day and it is crashing my system so please stop.

So there you go. Hurrah! WE RULE! Well, I rule a bit, and you rule A LOT. Let us celebrate with merriment and whatnot. But! Oh my peoples: you can now STOP hassling Zane Lowe, and START hassling Lauren Laverne! And not just cos she's ace.

Yes yes yes. If you have the time, please email thusly:

"Dear amazing and lush Lauren Laverne

Akira The Don asked me to copy paste this message and send it to you so you play CLONES, his amazing single. IF you do this Akira The Don will give me a song. I know this is mercenary, but I love Akira The Don with all my ass, so it seems normal, even though it probably isn't.

Anyway. Please play CLONES, it is dope.


A person."

Copy paste me on the email - and I will send you AN EXCLUSIVE SONG nobody, not even my MUM, has. MERCENARY! YES!

Tomorrow, I might impart some KNOWLEDGE, as opposed to pimping. I love you all with my mouth.

PS! SIC have made a podcast. I am on it. Check it out.