The happy gardener

"I take no pleasure in being Right in my dark predictions about the fate of our military intervention in the heart of the Muslim world. It is immensely depressing to me. Nobody likes to be betting against the Home team."Hunter S Thompson, 2004

Dear Summer

The crime of genocide is defined in international law in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide.

Article II: In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

Article III: The following acts shall be punishable:

(a) Genocide; (b) Conspiracy to commit genocide; (c) Direct and public incitement to commit genocide; (d) Attempt to commit genocide; (e) Complicity in genocide.

So let us be of no doubt, as FEMA continues to deny aid to those in New Orleans, that we are witnessing genocide, in America.

But, as we have said, this is but a tiny mirror, being held up to the majority of the human-inhabbited world.

We are all of us complicit in this genocide, carried out day upon day, upon our brothers and our sisters, pretty much everywhere I can think of.

Go see The Constant Gardener, it is an important and deeply moving piece of cinema. (I haven't read the book. I am sure it is better. But that is fine.)

"Who does vote for these dishonest shitheads? They are the racists and hate mongers among us -- they are the Ku Klux Klan. I piss down the throats of these Nazis." Hunter S Thompson, 2004

We are in deep shit. But we have spent many a century practicing wading. So maybe we will be fine. Still, Leonard Cohen's monk friends reckon one has to rid oneself of desire and hope in order to be free. And I am full of these things.

Dear Ms Reno,

The sovereign people of America are in great danger from a malign foreign power. Some salient facts:

1) Lloyds of London and the British Crown are one and the same. What happened at Lloyds (Time Magazine 21 February 2000) represents the precedent for the surrender of American sovereignty. This process if unchecked will culminate with the re-absorption of the United States into the British Empire and the full extension of English jurisdiction over all American citizens

2) There is no public scrutiny or supervision of the English Court because the people are not sovereign.

3) Queens Counsel, though professional advocates and litigators, also have the power to sit in judgement and deputise as a High Court judge.

4) This obscene combination inevitably leads to reciprocity and a secret, though active market in purchased decisions.

5) The Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand personify this culture of cheating and corruption with High Court Judge John Baker available to issue forged documents under a false name.

6) Mr Blair trained as a barrister with Derry Irvine and formed his character within this culture of cheating and corruption. Though Scottish and still in his twenties he was given the safest Labour seat in England. Likewise Mr Major, when unknown, was given Huntingdon, the safest Conservative seat in the country.

7) Mrs Blair QC also trained with Irvine and obtained her powers from the Queen on the day Mr Blair became Prime Minister. She can now cheat low-paid council workers with greater efficiency and even more profit.

8) Despite its poor public image the House of Lords served a clear constitutional purpose as an independent check. Hereditary Peers sit as of personal right and are not dependent on Crown patronage. By stripping these Peers of the right to vote but not their right to sit Mr Blair has completed the creation of a de facto hereditary dictatorship behind a smiling democratic façade.

9) The court is a diligent enforcer of draconian libel and secrecy laws buried deep within obscure legislation. There is no free speech, no plurality of the press. Look at the party line on the Princess of Wales and the Blairs’ reproductive achievement. Look at the suppression of Lloyds stories and the banning of Kitty Kelley’s book on the Windsors. Look at the career of Jeffrey Archer, from Star libel to withdrawal from the race to be mayor. The people are not stupid but they know nothing because they are subjects. And subjects have no rights to truth, information, balance or free expression other than those the Sovereign chooses to bestow.

10) Extra-territorial action and conquest is now an established fact. Look to Ireland’s leadership of liars paid by the British Crown and look to the future (two directly elected Presidents, the Prime Minister and Attorney General. And a press monopoly controlled from England).

11) This dictatorship actively and aggressively interferes in American politics and subverts the democratic process in many ways. Just one: she creates “Honorary Knights” – second identities with bank accounts and a passport which are not American citizens and so not subject to the universal “worldwide income” rule for American taxes. Not everyone pays their fair share and not everyone is chased by the IRS.

12) With American politics ruled by money and secrecy who can compete with those who pay no taxes? With those who maintain absolute personal privacy through a secret second identity in London? With those who take commissions from money grubbing brokers? With those who cheat? I repeat: the sovereign people of America are in great danger from this malign foreign dictatorship.

13) And last, the big secret. There are two persons called “Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth”. Both hate democracy and ordinary people with a passion. Both exercise Royal Prerogative powers. Both command private armies with “the right sense of duty”. But only one has sworn and is bound by the Coronation Oath of fidelity to the Nation...

I write to you personally because you interpret the law on behalf of the people, and that is real power. You will recall Spring broke his word and brought down the Reynolds government on the single issue of who gets to appoint the Attorney General of Ireland. I see your great nation, which once I knew so well, with a healthy growing body but with maggots worming their way into the brain. I see the one remaining superpower in which democracy is safe because the people are sovereign, but those who interpret and apply the law say otherwise. I see a new world order. Not Jorg Haider who, though nasty, is more diversion than threat. But a British Reich that will last a thousand years.

John P Cleary BScMAMBA, writing to Janet Reno