The grotesque.

I have watched faces on the television and wished for them to be parted from their skulls tonight. I have felt the blood spatter. You know, I have defended Americans, constantly, for a long time. I have seen their telly. And I have seen ours. I have seen what ours did to our people. But theirs! This is not Pigeon Street brother. They have an ad break every seven minutes.

And fuck all of y'all that say, it's not us! MOST Americans aren't this way!

I KNOW, kid. I know grand fraud is being committed. But really. About 40% of you are unfeeling fucking dead babies.

And I know telly did this. Telly and poverty.

Yuh. But there are enough of the rest of you. That got the chance to learn, to read, to see other things, ideas.... And you are fascist scum. Like ofus. But, really, fuck you. And fuck mine. Fuck me. And fuck YOU.

Apparently it's down to hunderds in Ohio. FUCK YOU.

Whatever. You skull n bones fucking babyfuckers. Howard Dean out for getting hyped, fucking whatever. Fuck you Zionist skull n bones babyskullfuckers.

I'm off to kill myself. Safe as fuck.