The Great Lyric Bombardment Of 2010

Good Friday gang. I am resplendent in my orange Schott hoody today, beating merry hell out of this keyboard and MAKING THINGS HAPPEN. The LP is mastered, and its amazing. Joey and I are sorting out the technicalities involved in getting it out to you. Hold tight for an exact time. One thing's for certain though - those that cop the T Shirt are getting it first.

If you've not heard it yet, I dropped the second joint from the project we call The Kidnapping Of Akira The Don By Joey2tits yesterday. It's called THE WRESTLER, and you can listen to it here.

I flipping love that song, so I am glad a bunch of you seem to dig it too. It even got the Big Narstie PAIN approval:

So for that we give thanks.


Speaking of N Dott, I'm a throw up the Bat Signal shortly, so let's see what happens. Matt Muir hooked me up with a Pertinent Sample, and I laced it with a Pertinent Beat, and it would be rude not to share. Plus I have a potential replacement for Ustream to test out. Keep an eye on my Twitter (which feeds into the speech bubble above Don Of The Day) for links.

Thanks for your continued help with bug testing, by the way. I just dropped a huge wad of cash on an upgrade to the highest echelon of Soudcloud, so I can get the missing tapes up now.

Oh, there's another thing. We've set up a space in the each song's page for its lyrics, so I am gonna start adding them. Let me know in the comments which songs' words you want posting first, and I shall try and do it in that order.

Elsewhile, how's that C.O.D. ish my rap list on Twitter's been gassed about all week?