The Glory Of Youtube

I stopped reading Youtube comments a long time ago, as they usually go like this: User 1: OMFFG BST VDO EVR, (insert name) IS GOD


User 3: UR ALL GAY

But then Wade told me the comments for our Smells Like Stunners (We Love This Thing) video had gotten pretty funny. So I checked them. Here's an amusing sample:

pretentiouswitch (6 days ago) why anyone would even want to be in the same room as "wade crescent" is beyond me, let alone make a "video" with this misogynistic women hating psycho. this really shows the true nature of "akira the don" who is not a liberal but a fake arsed whore. women, beware "wade crescent".

firesanobi11 (6 days ago) pretentiouswitch you have no clue what your talking bout akira the don is a fucking genuious he rules the rap world and has all the dope rimes...wonchopmonkeyman i though akira was zathon from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy lol funny stuff... case and point akira the Don fucking rocks my life goal is to meet him n tell him that his music kicks ass i listen to it all the time when fighting!!! Best Akira the Don video eva

Sickfucker07 (2 days ago) what a pair of twats! and the track is fucking awful! you two deserve a good kicking!!

And so on. For the record, I have never claimed to be a "liberal", nor would I, unbelieving as I am in the left/right fallacy. I have, on occasion, admitted to being a "fake ass whore". And dudes should really stop hating on men who get pussy, it's like hating on women who get dick. Misogyny is hating women, not having sex with them. People, be you! We don't all have to be Oneperson People! I mean, I am. But if everyone were like me then I wouldn't seem so goshdang special, and then where would I be? Clapton, that's where. Ew!