The Future Of The Music Industry

I was up till 5:30 this morning editing the Back In The Day Remix video, which I just about finished. All I gotta do now is sort the colour out. Anyway, there I was, happily dreaming of android sheep, when the house shook with rage and hatred, and my sheep dissipated into nothing like so many internet startups. 8 am it was! Some heartless Poles are mashing up the pavement outside my house with a giant fucking drill - the sort of drill you'd imagine people looking for oil with, or using to impregnate mountains. The house is still shaking. The noise is abominable. I have been unable do record any vocals, which is what I wanted to do when I got up - preferably later, but but beggars can't be choosers, and I neither can struggling homebound musicians living in the path of the Mayan-Prophesied End Of World Olympics. Anyway. My manager just sent me some article a friend of his wrote, gamely predicting the future of the music industry. Forsooth:

Within 2 years, the leading music blogs will become what used to be called 'Record Labels'. The people running them will be those sharp, tuned-in, hyper-networked and resourceful BlogJs formerly known as bloggers. They will use their blogs as the primary attention channel (yes - attention really is the new distribution) and will dish up a complete, interactive and highly relevant multi-media experience that will include TV shows, chats, webcasts and games. Forget about 'websites' and browsers - the BlogJs will do it on all platforms and devices.

The future brings 1000s of micro-music-channels that will literally broadcast - or rather, 'narrow-cast' their longtailing creations - be it text, audio, images or videos - to their hungry subscribers using MediaRSS Rss_feeds_monetization_a feeds and customized my-stuff-pages such as [fiction alert] imoogli, beatwibes amd muflakes that will 'live' on any connected device, e.g. your mobile, your TV, your computer, your interactive bathroom screen, your wrist watch, your wimax-ing car radio, or your new P2P global gaming network. Widgets will continue to become instant, ubiquitous mini-site modules that will allow anyone to re-distribute any kind of content, to any device and any platform, anywhere. Most marketing will be done through and with the users - and some of them will get paid for it, too.

BlogJs will attract an influential, engaged and proactive audience by flouting their charismatic personalities - indeed, these disruptors, thought leaders and influencers will be our future broadcasters. Like digital-age editions of 'analog' radio personalities such as the BBC’s John Peel (rip), these BlogJs will lead the way in matters of coolness, style, technology, gadgets, trends, politics, fashion and games, using new platforms like [fiction alert] Muserati, Digggster, Musicious, Lovenotion, MyDace and many others. And yes, many of them will be from China, India, Russia, Brazil, Indonesia or Mozambique. Goodbye anglo-centric blogoshere...

Read the whole article, its worth it. Anyway. I pretty much agree - a lot of what dude's saying is already happening. I, for example get 97% of my hip-hop music from a handful of blogsites, like Nah Right and 2 Dope Boyz, that serve me brand new music almost hourly. Its been like that for a while now. I don't buy any music magazines anymore cos they pretty much all suck ass. Reviews are more often than not written by people who haven't even listened to the record, with a rating ascribed by the editor based on either: how much they wanna bang the PR involved, what marketing have told them to do, how much they had to drink last night. Having someone go, "this is dope, listen to it here" is obviously the way to go.

How about you lot? Where are you getting your music? Where, and how would you like to get your music? inquiring minds, wanna know.