The end of limbo

Well, you can consider me a bit more than very happy to announce that Limbo is OVER. My soul is sold. I have put pen to paper and signed my white ass to Interscope, a modern American recording company home to such cultural juggernauts and spiritual bredren as Dr Dre, Nine Inch Nails, Eminem, That Unit Of Gs, Helmet, Jadakiss, and, um, Keane. Yes it is true.

So expect amazing videos and things. And a Dre collaboration.


Dre collaboration.




Saying that, he might, like, HATE ME. But I bet he won't. It's not like I'm a dick!


Peeping the Interscope website, I notice Bryan Adams is on the list. Word up Bryan! Let's make music!

Ahem. But prior to all that ridiculous shit, I shall be going ahead with the plans made before this bizzare American adventure. All News Soon.

Today I love you all.