The Emperor.

Out here in the country the night is as black as sin and indoors is cosy with the sound of Taroting and Gregorian chanting on the silver ceedee business. Earlier Ally and I were outside shooting cans off of tree trunks with the old man's shotgun, which was rather idylic. Ally kept knocking cans off and I didn't hit a single one! But then Ally read my Tarot, which I never had happen before, and it was right about my past, in which I was upside down Satan and there was the girl and the death. And I had loads of cups. And no pentangles. And the Emperor right in the middle, and then the SUN. Basically it says shit has been dark, then there was big createy whoosh, now it is going ace, there are recent brain difficulties, but shit is going to be amazing and I am going to have a love and go somewhere hot and make a choice to avoid a triangle and then be mad sucessful and have a time of joy, then comes personal doubt, and then people are going to try and kill me for a bit and that will be super dark and horrid, but I come out of the other side "in the best state possible" and it will be glorious, aparently, and a new age of LOVE and PRIZES and MAKING STUFF. So it says.

After that I get a moon, which some say means dreams and reality becoming one, and others say means death.

So it goes.