The Dude Out Of The Killers Wants Stabbing.

I read an interview with a band called The Killers the other day. I haven't done that before. They always alooked arther boring to me, and I have plenty of perfectly fine Shed 7 records as it is. I have no interest in The Killers.

But, it was 5 in the morning, I was making myself a chicken sandwitch, and there was a copy of Q magazine on the side, so while my bread was toasting, so I did read... and was filled with so great an anger I felt ashamed of my self, for even Bob Geldoff's arrogance and imperialism failed to ignite such a righteous hate in my heart. Who is this prick? What is this mormon doing on the front of a supposedly serious rock magazine? He looks like an accountant! Have you read his interviews? Now, I know full well you can say stuff and it can get twisted, but still. If a single percent of what came across was his, he is a prick of Herculean proportions! He needs stringing up! I am shocked! What a tool! What a folly!

I am going to have to stop showing an interest in so-called pop culture again, it does nothing but wind me up.

So. More reasons to throw bricks at Bob Geldoff. More reasons to use the internet while you still can. And more reasons (well, reason) to to be cheerful.