The Donnish Inquisition 2, Live From Santorini: All Your Questions Answered That's right gang.




Not only that, but answered on a PARADISE GREEK ISLAND during my HONEYMOON!

There, brothers and sisters, is dedication.

Shout out my question master.

And YOU for your great questions! Dream collaborations, working methods, inspiration, motivation, love and marriage and homelessness - all these things and more were discussed over two days and three sessions, totalling over an hour and a half that I managed to get down to 50ish minutes without cutting out your questions.

I would also like to thank the good people of the Hotel Kalimera, Akotiri, Santorini, where we were staying. They were beyond amazing. Intellectuals, saints, and makers of fine bacon and eggs and rum-based drinks. Amongst other things. They upgraded us to the honeymoon sweet on our third day! And lent us books on ancient Greence and Atlantis! They were the finest hosts a honeymooning couple could ever ask for, and their hotel is a beautiful palace on the side of the island with the least tourists, right next to a gang of beautiful beaches, The Archeological Place, and a flipping VOLCANO.

I wanna go back, like, now. They have a recording studio not far from where we stayed...

The video is also noteworthy in it is the first that I have out together on my Macbook Pro, with Final Cut Pro X. I rather liked it, the magnetic timeline in particular is very useful indeed. I have decided to make a lot more videos. People like them. I like them. Video is an area I have a lot of progress to make in, as discussed in the inquisition, and I do like a challenge. If you have any great ideas for things you'd like to see me do with video, let me know in the comments.