The Day After

Well. That. Is. That. The tour is dead.

Long live the tour!

The final night was a fukken blast - flowers in the dressing room, three weeks worth of whiskey coming to a head on the final rip through of Boom. Friends old and new. A thing of beauty, killed, so that the next creature could be born.

Heartfelt thanks to The Women: Son Of King Rebel and Mary Turner, you were both brilliant throughout the whole thing, without you I know not what. And a special thank you to the enigmatic Daniel Bristus, who didn't crash once, drove us around the country, kept us together, and put up with our Special Ways. I was so sad it was all over, and so reticent to drive home last night, I had a drunken rage at the poor boy, which is supposed to be Jeremy's job. What an emotional rotter I am!

Of course, biggest thanks go to all of you wonderful people who came down to the shows and sang and danced and laughed at my terrible jokes. I love you one and all, and can't wait to see you again.

Look out for photos, video footage, etc over the coming weeks. If any of you lot recorded anything, send it in, I am making a DVD innit. History will not forget the Akira The Don and The Women tour 2006!