The country

So what it's the same photo? It's good. So, I rise late in the country again, and find an empty house. What is it with this place? In New York, I get up at a decent time and get things done. Here, I awake, hear enraged high pitched shreiks downstairs, cover ears, back to sleep... and finallly rise to silence in the late afternoon, where, usually, I find the house is empty

No one wakes me. No one comes in and goes, "hey, Adam, we're going for a walk/drive/picnick/swim, wanna come?"

What'll happen is, they'll turn up later, giggling and what have you, be like, "oh, hey." Cook themselves some food. Talk amongst themselves. Whatever. I got ten bucks and the ticket back to New York is twenty nine or something. I don't know what work I can do for two days. Evenings is out of the question, as there are no buses to Woodstock after 6, it's, like, a four hour walk, and I'm not hitching after midnight. You might have caught me doing that shit as a teenager, but I am too old for possible rape now. Sorry. I'll hitch in the daytime. Sure. But post midnight is a no no.

Call me a pussy.

No, go on.

So some fucking half inch ant just tried to crawl up muy leg. Normally I'd kill the thing. I couldn't be bothered. Like, so what? It's an ant.

"Don't tread on an ant, he's done nothing to you..."

Did I mention Arnie callled Democrats "girlie men"? And Bill O'Reilly was on the tellebox questioning The Two Johns' sexuality? Republicans are hilarious. And why hasn't anyone said anything about Edwards looking like Michael J Fox yet?