The Convention of Haters

obey2 A lot of the time, I'm one of those people who just doesn't see much of a difference between The Right, and The Left. Republican, Democrat, Labour, Tory, whatever. Pretty much the same shit continues to occur whoever's sat in the CEO's chair. The company does its job regardless.

I was watching that Obama speech the other day. It was pretty rousing stuff. Dude promised the American people the moon on a stick and then some. It was jubilatory, messianic, magnificent. If it was a song it would have been Bowie's Heroes. I wasn't sure about the stage set myself. Looked like dude was in a giant plant pot. I kept expect Oscar The Grouch to pop up and headbut him or something.

My fine female companion was rather taken with the man, and I was cynical with regards to what the chap might actually acheive if granted office. We've all seen that Bill Hick sketch, right?

Anyway. Last night, out of curiosity, we watched republican Veep hopeful Sarah Palin's speech. And I was, once again, reminded of the difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Those filthy warmongering swine are HATERS! No lie, those guys are bonafide Warriors Of Hatred. It's THEM all those So Solid songs were about.  Gotta be. I heard more booing than cheering coming out of that pig-ugly crowd of cracka-ass-crackers. All that freakish woman (who has a voice like chalk on slate) had to talk about was what a pussy and a dreamer Obama is and how good McCain is going to be at war. War war war war. USA! USA! USA! USA! Oh, and she said some slick shit about how community organisers have no power. There's a message for you. YOU HAVE NO POWER AMERICA! WAR WAR WAR! USA! USA! USA!

Jay Smooth has some words on the subject.

Not much mention of Bush. Not much mention of the crippled murked economy. Just lots of crap about soldiers being awesome, how important kicking ass is, and how hockey moms are pitbulls in lipstick, or something.

Then there was Manchurian Candidate McCain. It took him less than two minutes of a 48 minute speech to mention 911 (followed by a boorish bout of USA! USA! USA!ing). We are told to like his freakish wife as she is a big fan of, "children born in poverty with birth defects".  Signs of senility appear early on - he says "I won't let you down" three times in a row. In front of a projected backdrop of some sunny field of grass, we are promised McCain will get us "back on the road to prosperity and peace".  The mood gets downright ugly. It is terrifying.

Worse still is the fraudulent promise to work, not for a party, not for big business, but for YOU! YOU! USA! USA! USA! The crazy ole coot's taken to swiping Obama's snappy rhetoric, and with his pitbull at his side, he's now the man who's gonna bring "change". After eight years of a Republican White House with which he voted 90% of the time, this is change we can count on! Whoo!

In other news, the electric went while I was having a shower, right in the midst of the conditioning stage. And today looks like winter. PAH! At least this mixtape's sounding dope...