The Best Song Ever About Resisting The Zombie Scum...

bone on the iAND(Y!) EP. I should know, I just finished adding foley to my backing vocals.

I can't wait for y'all to hear this ish! It has been too long since Brand New Stuff That Is Awesome! Months in fact! Maybe even three of them!


In other news, we will know on the 'morrow whether the iAND(Y!) shirt will come in Triple XL. My Mam's been on the case. Mamma Don is on the team now. Well, she always was by default. ANYWAY! She's only gone and found me a supplier that doesn't take eight hunnerd years to screen print T-Shirts. Cheers Mam! These joints will be here on Friday. Are those posties still striking? I got a big pile of Prizes to go out on my desk, let alone this new stuff.

In other news, my laptop is pretty much dead, so I might have to DJ with CDs on Saturday. I hope I can remember how. I haven't touched a CD deck since 2005 or something. Sheee-it!

OK. Gotta dash. Sorry for the brevity. Tomorrow I shall serenade you with a press release and a photo of my fuzzy head. But right now I gotta finish these songs, and go read BoneBone is even better than I remember from last time I read it, no lie. I got the whole thing in one eff-off massive book and it's fucking up my wrist - I stayed up till 4 am reading it the other night, and I nearly knocked a six year old out with it on the train at 8:30 this morning, but I can't put the thing down, I swear.

Speaking of which, I was out of the house at that ungoldy hour today because I had a contact lens fitting appointment. It didn't go too well, worse luck. It turns out I have scars on my frickin' eyeballs, from all those years of falling asleep pissed with the same pair of one day disposable lenses in my head. I have to spend the next five days pouring Hypromellose B.P into my eyeballs, after which they shall examine me and make judgement. I await with baited breath. Being a specky twat is OK, but only as long as I know I don't have to be one. I can neither afford, nor do I fully trust laser surgery, and I am as blind as a troglobyte without my goggles. Still, it is mostly my own fault, and I shall accept my fate, regardless. It could be much worse, and soon enough it will.

Damn, that post went from Summer to Bummer. How can we lift this back up? I know - it's not just iAND(Y!) dropping this week. POW!