The Best Of US

You know the best thing about New York is?

Ellen's Stardust Diner. A proper, American, 50s themed, boothed-up diner... with...



Serious! That place is awesome. The PPF and I were wandering Broadway in search of pancakes , and my Spider-Sense went off like a motherfucker. I wanna go there every night now. My burger was gorgeous, and PPF well liked her macaroni cheese. And just at the point where I figured I needed more pepsi, they offered me a refill! Awesome!

Anyway, all the waiters and waitresses take turns to sing at you. It's kind of like American Idol crossed with Fat Rabbit Slim's from Pulp Fiction. But a lot more romantic than that sounds. everything great about America is contained within, it warmed my heart and filled me with joy.

Indeed, I am liking it here. It is well easy to not notice the world going up in flames around us.