The Best Artist Website In The World

akira-the-don1 It's time to go hard.

Well, its always time to go  hard.

But I feel like going extra hard. Like Michael Douglas in Falling Down. That was seriousisity. Dude was relentless.

You who've been around since the off, you know how I do, and how I did. I was updating my website daily when Tess was still on local radio (I am assuming here). I was posting free mixtapes when Sony were telling you the future was mini-disc.

When I signed my Interscope deal my A&R warned me the new media department weren't gonna like what i was doing. Au contraire, mon frere - the head of that fledgling department rang me up to tell me that I was a genius, and all their artists were going to follow my "model".

Which was true. Here in the late 08, every rapper in the wild West gots a blog and a mixtape you can download. Lucky I can spell. Kinda. I need something to set me apart from the herd (apart from my awesomeness, and modesty).


I have decided that will be the greatest artist website in the world.

Why not?

You deserve it. I can do it. i reckon.

So I am making a list of the things that need to happen to make that so.

The first thing I thought when i asked myself, "what would I want from the website of a music making person?" was, duh, music.


That's why you're here, right?

So, I'm setting about making all the music I've ever made available, well, available. If you go have a look at the When We Were Young page in my discography, you'll see you can now listen to the whole thing, track by track, right now. I bet there's a bunch of you who've never gotten round to Waffling that bitch. Well now you have no excuse.

I'm gonna do that with everything. Now, since this is my living, I'm shall continue to put out CDs and T Shirts (and soon vinyl) and you'll have the option to buy any music you like here digitally at CD quality (fuck iTunes' crappy bit rates, really). And you can always click that donate button if you're worried about my interminable rent arrears.

I'm sorting out my systems, so everything should run a lot smoother. Merch'll go out quicker, songs'll go up quicker, emails answered within, ooh, six months. Sheeet, I might even get round to that Wayne's World styled chat show I was thinking about earlier this year.

Anyway. I'm getting ahead of myself. I need your help here. My friends - how can I make this site the Best Artist Site On The Interwebs?