The Aristocrats.

WOW, I feel it entirely important that you all watch Cartman tell his joke about The Aristocrats (apart from my Mam, who prolly won't be very amused at all). Afterwards, read a little about the history of The Aristocrats (Mam might find that interesting).

Zef isn't ill anymore, but Paul and Mary are! Poor Paul and Mary! I am not too bad today, thanks for asking. I just recorded my parts for The Gulag's LP, with my less gruff and broken than it was yesterday voice. I'd like to go to the park now, but it seems kind of weird to go and walk in a park alone at this time of night with no fag or no dog. Doesn't it?

PS - they're legalising drugs in Mexico. Now you bad young Yankeedoodles don't ever have to go to Europe again!