The Akira The Don Experience at The Natural History Museum: Photos

"I must have been to about 500 gigs over my life so far.  Last night ranks up there as one of the best ever (if not the). Thanks for the opportunity." Paul Schofield, June 22nd, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive Thank You You Rule Dot Com to everyone who helped to make last night's show at The Natural History Museum the awesome thing it was. My excellent band - Joey, James, Jon, Ginge, Amy, and musical director and bass maestro BJ. Charlotte, Nonny and Rachel for invaluable costume assistance, amongst many, many other things. Laura and all at The Natural History Museum for providing an otherworldly venue, fine wine and nibbles, and some truly excellent and professional sound and light folks. And an especially gargantuan thank you goes out to all you that came and made us so welcome. Friends old, recent and new, who danced and sang and behaved in a wonderfully appropriate manner and didn't break anything. Shout out to Alice Gun and her crew, who played beautiful music and were lovely people, and didn't throw a tantrum when they came offstage and there wasn't any wine left.

Speaking of which, if anyone had any strange experiences with my saxophonist, and dear old friend Damian "Ginge" Cook, please bear in mind that he'd flown in straight from Malta, had slept an hour and a half, and mistook the wine for beer, and chugged it accordingly.

So, our new friend Anna Madeline wrote some generous words about the show over here. And, as you can see above, the beautiful Lady Whewell took some awesome photos. If you, too, took some awesome (or rubbish) photos, please send them in so we add them to the gallery. atd at akirathedon dot com. PAX!