The Akira The Don Christmas Album Is Coming! Yes it is! I have been having such glorious festive fun making it! And I have a title! It is called


In that trailer above you can hear a little bit of the music from one of the songs. I was working on it yesterday and my friend Di popped round to give me back the bank card I'd left at the bashment night we were celebrating her birthday at when I got so drunk I left my bank card behind the bar AND SHE FREAKED THE FUCK OUT! When she heard the song that was, not when I left my bank card.

As it gors, she dropped some flinger snapping and some whistling and some brab brap brap hand flapping noises on the thing. It is nice to get people's sounds into a thing. If you ever chance by my studio and I am in the midst of Noising, this will likely happen to you too.

Anyway. You can preorder that Christmas LP RIGHT NOW on CD, MP3 and FLAC.

In other Christmassy happenings, my Christmas shop is forming about now, and various special offers and seasonal bargain packages will be popping up in the shop. I have, for example, just gotten my hands on a pile of genuine first edition Don merch from 2005, including the first seven ATD realeases - including the elusive and rare FIRST EP - on CD and vinyl, which you can cop now as part of the ATD NOSTALGIA SWAG BAG for a mere £30!

More things will be popping up in the shop over the next week, so keep checking in to find the perfect gift for the wise ATDophile in your life.

I then, shall get back to this Christmas music. And video editing. And all the other stuff. As previously mentioned, I'm doing ADVENT on this year, whihc means SOMETHING COOL EVERY SINGLE DAY from December 1st through 25th! And after that, there's something even cooler happening.

Keep it locked brothers and sisters.