The "Aaaay!" In Your Playlist

Oh boy, this is gonna be sweet. I've got 11 songs on the go right now, all fresh Akira The Don production sampling music from the Street Fighter series of games. I've got a folder full of amazing songs recorded in the name of that aforementioned series. I've got HOOKS.  I got a crew of rappers decending on Don Studios this afternoon to bless some of those beats. And I've got DJ Jack Nimble coming over Sunday to tear up the thing on turntables.

Yeah, I said it. The good news is, what started out as a 30 minute compilation of existing music has morphed into something altogether fresher, and more exciting. This ish is going OFF! Truly, this is a gloriful tribute. I'm having so much fun on this thing it's silly.

The bad news is, its not gonna be ready today. We're looking at Monday. Maybe Sunday. But I'm gonna hit you off with a track from it this afternoon. EDIT: Consider it hit!

Hell yeah.

Stay tuned...



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