The A

The Christmas song is brilliant, you'll be glad to know. Cop that shit exclusive hereabouts early next week. Me and my boy Jeres are on fire... Plus it should be noted the Juno keyboard we bought for Mary to play on the tour is now in my studio and driving me away from samples quicker than you can say Swizz Beats - a pair of BANGERS have I laced, word to KKKramer's momma. So, I was just on this really hot date in the Thai place on Stoke Newington Church Street. Food was good, date super lush, conversation sparkly. Thing is, after some chat about school and friends and festive plans, we spend half an hour looking for pictures of Britney Spears' vagine on my Blackberry. I don't know if its techology that's ruined us as a people, or News Corp, but something is rotten in Denmark, and it isn't just Brit's bits. Oh, the horrorful tragedy. DON'T PUT YOUR DAUGHTER ON THE STAGE MRS WORTHINGTON! Not less you want her cootch showing up in the tabloids anyway. Serious.