Thassit, I'm Getting A Haircut

Hairwoman before, and after. She said she decided to grow her wig at art school. Let that be a warning to you.


I was so groved-out by this story that I have resolved to get my shit shorn. Forthwith.

LINK: A grandmother from Kent who has not visited a hairdresser since she was at school has grown her hair to 5ft 7in (1.68m).

Damnation! That is longer than me! Hell, it's longer than her. What is the point in having hair you trip over? Plus, hair is dead.  How grove is that? 5 foot plus of DIRTY OLE DEAD STUFF hanging off of your head. Shit, within thirty seconds the mad ole sod informs us, "twice a year I do shampoo it." Twice a year?! I am horrified! I have a ball of sick lurching about in my gut!

And yes, I know there are multiple wars on, but still.