So. Since when was violently protesting a murderous and illegal occupation “terrorism”? That tried and tested violence deterrent, um, violence was unleashed on a suspecting Palestine this morning, with LOTS MORE TO FOLLOW! Olive Trees fall as I type.

And Arnie got up and cracked jokes last night, eh? And what jokes! Bush will “terminate terrorism”, he deadpanned. I’m sure he was deadpanning. His wife has twitchy eyeballs, I saw. And that Laura Bush has a twitchy neck. They are all pissing themselves, internally. I hear that’s poisonous. Ha ha ha.

I shall play my first UK show on Friday, by the way. It’s going to be at The Mad George Tavern in London’s East End. Them Krays had their wake there, I am told. The place is an old-fashioned boozer nightclub with a lit up dance floor, like Saturday Night Fever. Also playing are The Rakes, The Others, Cazals, and Doctor Wade Crescent.

Right now I am being mad impressed by 65 Days Of Static, who are huge and barbed and awesome and live somewhere between Mogwai and drone king Mothboy. A noisy place!