Talking To God.

"There isn't anything that he doesn't have his fingers in. He's on something like fifty Boards. And one of the problems, he was supposed to be head of the audit committee watching how Enron kept the books. And in fact, they were paying him consulting fees on the side. He was in Margaret Thatcher's government and he's the one who authorized Enron to come into Britain and take over power plants here in Britain. And they owned a water system in the middle of England. This is what this guy approved and then they gave him a job on the board. And on top of being on the board, they gave him a huge consulting contract. So you know, this guy was supposed to be in charge of the audit committee to see how they were handling their accounts... Yea, and that's Lord Wakeham. I mean this is the guy from Enron. He is a real piece of work. He can't be touched here because like I say he actually regulates the media. So if you complain, he's got his hand on your pen."Greg Palast, speaking to Alex Jones, 2002

But enough of him. That man fills me with a deep, painful dread, not unlike that acid indigestion you get when you drink too much coke. Let us turn, instead, to Dr John Pilger, who wrote a typically brilliant piece about that upcoming war on Iran for New Statesman last week. Blair, you see, has been chatting with his Skygod again, so he, "knows the real reasons for an attack and the part Britain is likely to play."

Yes he does. He is tapped in. Phew!

"Next month," we know, - even those of us who don't have nice happy chinwags with Blair's baby-devouring Skygod, "Iran is scheduled to shift its petrodollars into a euro-based bourse. The effect on the value of the dollar will be significant, if not, in the long term, disastrous. At present the dollar is, on paper, a worthless currency bearing the burden of a national debt exceeding 8 trillion dollars and a trade deficit of more than 600 billion dollars. The cost of the Iraq adventure alone, according to the Nobel Prizewinning economist Joseph Stiglitz, could be 2 trillion dollars. America's military empire, with its wars and 700-plus bases and limitless intrigues, is funded by creditors in Asia, principally China.

That oil is traded in dollars is critical in maintaining the dollar as the world's reserve currency. What the Bush regime fears is not Iran's nuclear ambitions but the effect of the world's fourth-biggest oil producer and trader breaking the dollar monopoly. Will the world's central banks then begin to shift their reserve holdings and, in effect, dump the dollar? Saddam Hussein was threatening to do the same when he was attacked.

While the Pentagon has no plans to occupy all of Iran, it has in its sights a strip of land that runs along the border with Iraq. This is Khuzestan, home to 90 per cent of Iran's oil. "The first step taken by an invading force," reported Beirut's Daily Star, "would be to occupy Iran's oil-rich Khuzestan Province, securing the sensitive Straits of Hormuz and cutting off the Iranian military's oil supply." On 28 January the Iranian government said that it had evidence of British undercover attacks in Khuzestan, including bombings, over the past year. Will the newly emboldened Labour MPs pursue this? Will they ask what the British army based in nearby Basra - notably the SAS - will do if or when Bush begins bombing Iran? With control of the oil of Khuzestan and Iraq and, by proxy, Saudi Arabia, the US will have what Richard Nixon called "the greatest prize of all"."

Read the rest of it here. It is brillopad.

If I buy a piece of land, in this here UK, and I drill a hole, and I find me an underground spring, I am not allowed to drink from it, me. No no. If I live on a piece of land which has a well on it, I am not allowed to drink from that neither. Even if the well was there in ye olde Roman times. No sir. I gots to tell a man, who will put a meter on it, and then I have to give my money to whatever shop-front company it is that Enron set up before they ran off with your Nan's cash not so long ago.

So what? I hear you cry.

I suppose so.

Oh, I do go on, eh? I am sure this is very boring for you, I should apologise. It is late. I am quite insane for being even slightly bothered. My boy Gwilym, he speaks just like my Dad, he says, "so what? Always it has been thus. What can I do? Nothing. A million people marched though London, they were ignored."

Yeah, we were. Had we gone back the next day, and the next, things might be different. Maybe not. All I know is, democratically elected Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was kidnapped and torn from office in 2002 by meanerds who don't like poor people getting to go to school, and would have stayed that way, had his people not come out onto the streets in their hundreds of thousands, and stayed there, despite being shot at by the CIA, until his army decided that, actually, they probably best give the people their democratically elected President back.

Despite the best efforts of the Bush Cabal, demands from pretend-Methodist High Priest Pat Robertson for his head on a platter, etc., etc., etc...

He is still there, and the Venezuelan poor still get to go to school.

True story. Incidentally, I saw Eyes Wide Shut the other night. It is probably Kubrick's greatest film. I couldn't believe it. It says everything, I have tried so hard to of late.

If you have seen it, you should read this - never before have I been inspired to search out and read academia regarding motion pictures - and this is a brilliantly considered reading of a brilliantly realised notion.