Shout out everyone enjoying Lemmings. Shout out everyone that's been posting it, like the good people at The Guardian, The Quietus and Bleeding Cool. The response has been beautiful, so thank you. Messages are pouring in, as are new listeners, like this one:

The song's also been heard by the genius who I sampled, Dr Tim Wright, AKA CoLDSToRAGE:

Here's a video of Dr Wright performing live. I nearly lost my jaw when I heard the first track, as it sounds exactly like something on my next record:


Meanwhile on Twitter, UK beat superstars have been involved in a minor #TACHECLASH, after Boy Better Know's Shorty tweeted something about having "the best moustache in the scene". Noted moustache-bearer High Rankin was amused, posting the following:

To which I posted this:

..and so...

So I win the #TACHECLASH, basically. Amen.

Right, back to work, I've got an #UNKILLABLETHUNDERCHRIST to finish. The art is coming along beautifully. You can peep a preview of it on the preorder page. I'm colouring it this afternoon and doing the background, but you, my nearest and dearest, can check the work in progress here.