T-Shirt News!

Hey gang! I am glad you're enjoying ATD20. It makes me happy and proud. Please keep listening, talking about it loudly in public places, and telling your friends - my promo department currently consists of ME and ME alone, and it would be a shame if this didn't reach more people, as if one is not growing, one is likely to get infected by evil bacteria, and succumb to plague.

I WISH FOR NO PLAGUE! I wanna grow big and strong and smash, like Hulk, without the intelligence issues.

Anyway. T-shirt update. The Security Ts will be in on February 6th, which is exiting. If you got an MP3 bundle, and want to add a T-shirt to your order (as some of you seem to), rather than paying the full whack, you can send £10.50 to zillazillazilla at gmail.com with your preferred size and address, and I shall make it so.

And in other T-Shirt news, I found 4 The Don T-shirts! Two small, one XL, one XXL. So hurry and claim them, by clicking here. There are also only about 15 I Am Not Dead (Yeah!) T shirts, as modelled above by Gruff Rhys, so you wanna be quick in that department as well.

Oh, I might bring back the Thieving shirts. Is this something that interests you?


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