T-Mobile You Big Wet Bum Holes, Go Kill Yourselves With Some Death!

xbox I am Akira The Don and today my phone got cut off.

Totally cut off. To the point of not being able to make phone calls. Or send texts!


If I wasn't such a cheery, sunshine assed mofo, I'd be REALLY PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW! I have no idea what they're thinking. Really. Don't they know how awesome my new album is? Don't they know how much money they're throwing away by forcing me to go with another company once my contract runs out? One that HASN'T cut me off at some point in the past decade? One called 02, cos they're the only company I haven't tried yet? Although they used to be BT Cellnet didn't they and actually they cut me off one time? HUH?


Yeah, I said it. Fuck y'all trickle-down market cultist douchebags and your crunchy credit trillion dollar bailout bullcrap. I shit down the necks of you cock-a-roaches. Trillion dollar my dick! Where'd that come from? Trillon dollar, bam, kapow, just like that? Where was that trillion dollar when that school down the way needed sports equipment a football, and a music department some new cotdang recorders? How about when my kid brother wanted to go to colledge? Bumholes, we could all have had a brilliant education, given birth to some babies in some clean hospitals, built a transport system that worked,  some nice houses we could have all afforded to live in and had a decent fucking film industry with that cabbage! We could have invented some of that CLEAN ENERGY and FIXED THE ENVIRONMENT and SAVED AFRICA and STUFFED BONO and STUCK his formaldehyde ASS in a BIG PERSPEX BOX! Carol Vorderman could still be on Countdown! My Nan wouldn't still have to be WORKING in her EIGHTIETH YEAR! She fought in a WAR! DICKHEADS!

Yeah, you got a trillion dollars to go and murk up a load of IRAQI BABIES, and bail out a load of RUBBISH CAPITALISTS. Fuck those losers! Those deeckheads done got X Boxes last Christmas! Where's my fuckin' X Box?

Regulate? Regulate THESE NUTS, bumhole!