synthetic roboidal beings and the uninterupted genetic scope of humanity

Boy oh boy! Keeping a blog is a serious business in this Strange Year Of Our Lord, 2000 and Tumblr. Why spend an hour writing seventeen painstaking paragraphs when you could simply reblog an image of a stormtrooper photoshoped onto a hamster and type lol wut underneath it?

But then, you might as well ask, why learn to cartoon on a level with Bill Waterson when you could just copy paste a Rage fffffface to get your point across?

Its a stupid question. There is no Simply and there is no Just. There is an art to creating the perfect rage strip as alchemic and un-bottleable as that magic employed by Waterson, who is, it should be noted, a lone comics genius. A profound uniqueness of the Rage Comic is that it is being constantly refined by the mass collective CONSCIOUS, rather than the lone cartoonist's connection to the collective UNconcious.

These are the things I ponder on the tube on the way back from a fine afternoon spent having my photograph taken eating a barrel full of fruit in a luxurious astroturfed garden in West London, and being asked commendably well-researched questions by world famous comedian and radio personality Danny Robins for Uppror magazine.

The luxurious astroturfed garden belonged to the photographer, whose home I was welcomed into by his radiant woman and twins, who bought me drinks and fruit, which I was then encouraged to spit at the camera, which is actually harder than it sounds. It transpired that our host is an old friend of my Irish-Swedish Los Angles residing Stunner brother Wade Xavier Crescent, and took some legendary pictures of the aforementioned that used to adorn our living room wall.

As for Danny Robbins, I didn't realise who he was until he opened his mouth, upon which instance I recognised him straight away as the voice of the Indie Travel Guide on Huey Morgan's excellent BBC 6 Music show (RIP), and I am happy to report that he was a gentleman, a scholar (he'd done a damn sight more research than printing off my Wikipedia page, at any rate), and, awesomely enough, came second in the 2006 Air Guitar Championships. He taught me three secret air guitar styles, which was deeply generous of him.

I finished Safe Area Goražde on the train, and when I raised my weary, teary eyes from the page a choir of angels seemed to sing to me, by which I mean to say it was a truly transformative and transcendental experience, that affected me deeply, and whose effects I expect to last the rest of my lifetime. It filled me, as great art often does, with a great and overpowering love for my fellow man, and I had half a mind to hug everybody in the carriage, spitting venom as they all were because we'd been stuck between stations in the glorious April heat for about 4 and a half minutes. "OMFG, look at us!" I wanted to shout, "We're not getting shot and shelled and raped! This is the greatest day of our lives, and tomorrow will be even greater! Let us boogie!"

But I didn't. I have done similar before and I will again, but today, I didn't.

What I did do was come home and work on my mix for Eddy-Temple Morris' show on XFM. He's doing Exposure all week, on which he dropped Jamie as his Xposure Hot One last night. G. Uppercase G. Anyway, it's going to be a flipping legendary mix, and I am doing a very awesome and Prescient NEW THING for it specially, so you'll be able to hear that TOMORROW.

Also tommorrow, you'll be ale to see the SEEK A SOUND SO RARE video!

My Dr Of Publicity has been holding on to it today, doing Publicity Doctoring with it.

I am also filming ANOTHER video tomorrow, which you'll be able to see NEXT WEEK.


Oh, and I went and had a look at a venue to have a party in. There will be much to celebrate: my new company, the end of the tour and oh yeah, MY NEW ALBUM! Yeah! Many great reasons! So JUNE 2nd! Save that date! Its gonna be some unrepeatable LEGENDARY SHIT, and if you miss it you will regret it forever.

Just saying.

Me and DJ Jack Nimble hooked up to discuss that sort of stuff yesterday. DJ Jack Nimble has an incredible robot collection. You really should see it sometime. Rare shit.

Anyway. I am going to stop all my excitable blathering now and go to bed with my feeyans and watch Aliens. We watched Alien last night. It hasn't lost a touch of its genius. Did I ever tell you about the time Bruce Dickinson flew me to Paris on his Iron Maiden plane with a load of music journalists and I didn't want to hang out with them all day so I went and watched Alien in the Cinema, dubbed into French? I loved that experience so much.

Oh, speaking of aliens, if you have nothing to listen to, you could do worse than this interview with Nigel Kerner and Andrew Silverman from Red Ice... they discuss the Shroud of Turin and how it relates to so-called extra terestrials, unforce, atomic expression, the godverse, synthetic roboidal beings (greys) and the uninterupted genetic scope of humanity, which is some interesting shit, and should give you some weird shit to ponder if nothing else.