Sybil: What's The Opposite Of Faulty?

That there, is my little brother Alexander Velky getting blasted by the jedi powers of his brand new baby daughter Sybil.


Amazing, huh? Narkiewicz generation next is GO. With a new surname. Joy to the future!

The baby was dropped on Saturday, a week after her original release date, and we made the pilgrimage to Poole to pay our respects along with The World Famous Zef and My Mum. The Velky's live in a five bedroom townhouse in a gated enclosure by the sea. here they are with little Sybil, who was indeed named after Basil's wife.

Here she is with me, my joy-bringing Transformers snapback ($30 from online store in America), and my Dr Dre T-Shirt (£3 from Primark in Aberdeen). I was looking wistfully out of the house's attic window, like Caesar in Rise of The Planet Of The Apes.

Here's poppa Velky and two of his brothers, engaging in some quality uncling. Oh sweet nice Sybil! Your journey has just begun! The things you will see!

Meanwhile in the midlands, My Nan, who is 80-something and saw the birth of radio and television and the internet, was readying herself for another decade of technological upheaval with some good old fashioned Physical Exercise.