Man, that stigmata is serious. I got the plane, and my feet blew up like fake tits. I feel like I'm wallking on goddamned Pigs So. 4 hours sleep. A third of the video done. Usual panick. Best cabbie ever, takes me to Heathrow, tells me about Poland, his Jamaican girlfriend, loves James Whale too. Airport. Ticket issue. Caramel Machiatowhatsit. Long, long journey. Movies not working. Seriously dark BBC2 "comedy". Lovely hardcore jewish lady. "These days people are either left or right wing. I am right on the right wing, saying, you're too left wing." Very lovely lady. From Sweden. Tells me when there are mountains. Arrive in La. No armed coppers. Really safe people checking passports. Walk outside. Sunshine! Smog! Smiling faces! Hot security: "Wow, those are amazing glasses." Gives me lighter and hair advice. Is called Misty. Noone is called Misty. Jeff shows. "WORD!" Drive through pollution. Jeff has lush new house. Shower. Plot. American The Office. Big pile of chicken.

Going round Danny Saber's on the morrow to record my "stop worrying about bizzaro shit like heaven and live NOW you SPAZZES" song. HYPE.