Surely A Priest Should Set A Better Example Than This?

"Let me say this: That statement about Russell Simmons had nothing to do with his sexual orientation. It had more to do with a disagreement [we had]. I don’t know if the man likes Martians, squirrels or whatever, so I ain’t gonna speak on something that I didn’t see. It’s no gay-bashing with me. It’s just, be proud of what you are, instead of hidin’ in the closet. And if ya fuck boys in the ass, then don’t be tryna fuck with the girls, too, poisoning the pussy population wit’ ya shitty ol’ dirty-ass dick."Pimp C talking to XXL

Hey kids. I am doing a podcast for you today. I know it has been too long since I hit you off with any new music. Maybe I'll even play some new Akira The Don songs. Whoo!

In the meanwhile, I urge you to go read Jeff Wells' latest posts at Rigorous Intuition. Dude has outdone himself yet again... Cop this first, then go here.

Regret it ye shall nay.