Superman's Nudeyvision Is Not For Airport Security

superman-x-ray-vision-lois-lane Goddamn it, I'm getting that S.A.D. thing pretty bad, just like always. I wanna hibernate. I need to snap the hell out of it and man up. There is too much to do. I need to think of all the hibernating I'm gonna be doing soon enough, when my ass is dead as New Grave. Or New Rave, for that matter. Or the "v" on my keyboard. What the funk happened to that? Who's been pouring booze on my desk?

Sheee-it. What the hell is the world coming too? They invent Superman's nudeyvision, and what do they do with it? Give it to needy teenagers? NO! Give it to well-dressed vigilantes? NO! They give it to airport security, so's they can stare at my BALLS! Dick move, nudeyvsion makers. Fie on them! What twisted gibberish is this? If I got my balls out at an airport they'd probably shoot me, in the name of public safety, what with my balls being so goshdang awesome, and I don't know if I could rightfully blame them. So what's with his creepy ball-spying? Ball-spying is fucked the fuck up... but old-lady-titty spying is even worse. How dare you make my nan feel weird on her holidays, you stinking creepazoids? Death to your shitty ideas! May your testicles sprout wings and fly away!

I don't know. Men. (I'll bet my coffee it was men. Idiots.)

In other news, I'll take Rudebox over Bodies anyday, but the latter is growing on me. But y'all know I grooved on Rudebox, that was my joint right there.

Rah then. The Zombie Movie is edited and being coloured RIGHT NOW! I'm off to Joey's to dub it in a minute. Yeah, I said it. Anyway. We want somewhere to show it and have a little party and stuff on it's release date, October 31st, but in the rush of making the thing, forgot to book anywhere. Anyone got any ideas?