Superman Is Still A Dick

superman being a dickDamn homie! That is cold! Why was silver-age Superman such a dick anyway? I don't get it. Silver-age Batman was quite nice, as millionaire playboy night-avenger types go. Whereas naughties All-Star Batman is a total dick. And naughties All-Star Superman is the safest guy in the universe.


Anyway. The Ultimates 1 and 2, for you information, were brilliant, and I recommend them heartily. Clever, funny, well put superhero/political satire that is neither preachy nor trite. I will never forget the full page splash of Captain America frantically pointing to the A on his mask screaming, "Surrender?! You think this "A" stands for FRANCE?!?!?!"

Sadly, the spanners up at Marvel have ruined the whole thing with The Ultimates 3. "Written" by Jeph Loeb and drawn by crazed misogynist Joe Madureira, this new series abandons the realism of what came before, reverting, miserably, to typical 90s superhero fare, all exaggerated breasts, unfeasibly sparse costumes, and Wolverine cameos. It is the stuff that made me stop reading comics in the first place. Avoid as if 'twere plague.

In non-comics news, The Back In The Day Remix and Click Clack Blam videos are nearing completion. I've been working out how to do do stuff with colour in Vegas, it is pretty exciting. Click Clack is looking so fucking sick!

By the way, there are a few new joints in the gallery, including a dope new picture of me and Zef by MalariaMan. Check that shit out!