Superhero Music Teaser Poster # 2


Zef got involved!

Ish just got iller!

Yes, ladies and Gs, world famous design superstar Zef Narkiewicz is now helping me out with the design of the Superhero Music package.

Don art plus Zef design ALWAYS equals CLASSIC.

The logo-less artwork for this was sent out to preorderers on the weekend, hi-def and A3 sized for those who wish to commandeer their office printer to. But ALL OF YOU can download an A3 sized version of the image above here.

Bear in mind - that's not the cover. Just a teaser.


Today I wrote and recorded an unexpected new song for the project. I mean, I expected to write and record a song today. Indeed, I expected to write and record six songs between now and Thursday. Today's was unexpectedly abrasive, is the thing. It has the biggest, most thunderous drums I have squared off with in a long time.  It is called Fly Already!

I can't wait for you to hear it.



As soon as I have finished this post I shall get back into writing The Heroic Age, an entirely anthemic number, produced by a superstar producer whose name I shall not reveal. FOR THERE MUST BE SURPRISES AND EXCITEMENT WHEN THIS DROPS NEXT WEEK!

Yes indeed. But this week, there is excitement enough. I will be making a rare SOLO appearance, without my band, alongside The Indelicates at The Monarch in Camden this Wednesday March 24th. I am listening to their album as I write this, it is a thing of some terrible beauty.

I will attempt to broadcast the event live on here, but I am not relying on that working, so the All New Weekly Doncast will still be happening between from  5pm GMT. Send your requests, your Doncast Dedications and anything else you deem righteous to akirathedon at

Also this week, ENVY'S ALBUM IS RELEASED! Yes, Set Yourself on Fire is out NOW. I played it, along with some unreleased Envy heat cooked up at Don Studios on last week's Doncast, so you should check that if you haven't already. THEN COP THAT ALBUM! It's ace you know.