Superhero Music T Revealed!

You see that? I told you Zef getting involved was a good idea.

Zef has CELEBRITY CONTACTS. Look at this!

Toby Maguire APPROVED, bubba!


That's your Superhero Music T-shirt right there. That's that ish you wanna throw on if you're off to fight some crime. Or do some summertime anti-heroism, Punisher-style.


Toby's feeling it hard, look in his eyes!

That's some INTENSITY.



We're looking good over here. I've been banging out that SUPERVILLAIN music today. Oh my days, it's hardcore. I haven't done anything like this before. This is that merk-a-man music. This is that spray up the club in a trench coat whilst laughing music. I AM WARNING YOU RIGHT NOW! You will feel moved to commit attrocities! I am going to have to sequence this thing just right, otherwise I will have blood on my hands.

Speaking of which, I hear half the music industry (the half Universal owns) is gonna come out as pro-Mandy internet thieves at 10am tomorrow. That should be funny.

Meanwhile, me and Ye Indelicates will be protesting their dumb asses with the power of AWESOME MUSIC! What shall I play? I'm gonna do half the set ON MY OWN, old school, and the other half with MUSICIANS. So there is muchos scope-os. I might also try some of the stuff out in the Doncast, so make sure you're tuned in for THAT one.