old-fish Radio 4's been ill this morning, especially since the news bogged off and this programme that's on right now came on. Apparently, Scotland used to be part of North America, and England and Wales were part of a supercontinent called Lapatus (or something like that) that lay 40% below the equator. They smashed together four hundred meeelion of years ago. No wonder this island is so weird! For some reason, this fills me with excitement. What the hell's this gaff gonna look like in a another 400 meelion years? I can't wait!

Oh, hang on...

ANYWAY! As you can see, I am BACK in my rightful home on the top of the internets. I would like to thank Charlie Allom, Keith Small and Zef Narkiewicz for their efforts, without which I might be stuck on Blogger with all the other proles. Ha! I only joke Other Proles! I am envious of your Reactions feature!

So, Littles and (possibly, you never can tell) Big Narstie are round today, working on a TOP SECRET PROJECT that will be revealed tomorrow, and isn't really top secret, but I haven't fully revealed it yet, and I will tomorrow, like I said, so batton down your hatch and get ready to rumble mofugger!

Damn. INTERGLACIAL BLIPS! That's what it was that turned us into an island! ARGH!