Summer Shirts!

It might be raining all over the world, but SUMMER IS UPON US! And that means its time for a new line of Ts from LITF. Have at ye brothers and sisters, with the freshest threads money can buy! Just £12 each, or £30 for all three! Boy oh boy!

First up, it's the BANKERS  T. Emblazoned with the chorus of my 2005 classic, which is tragically as apt as ever in this dark year of our lord, 20012 AD.

Next its the long overdue THUNDERCHRIST shirt. Featuring my ace art from the last ATD mixtape on a beautiful yellow haze shirt.

And last, but by no means least, it's the ATD NIRVANA SMILEY SHIRT! In my thirteenth summer, my favouritest band in the world was Nirvana, and my favouritest T shirt was their smiley shirt. So it is only right that in Summer 2012 I pay tribute, by combining two of the acest things I know: me, and that shirt! Screen printed on luxurious super soft charcoal black Gildan cotton in Cardiff, and drawn and designed by me, Akira The Don!

WOW! And, as mentioned, you can get all three for a mere £30. And not only that, but preorderers of that bundle will get a FREE song, the brand new and unreleased BANKERS 2012! So what on Earth are you waiting for? Go go go!

Alrighty. That up there then, was my response to the ridiculous shit that was being spouted by some of my macho rap brethren and their tragic pals in my Twitter timeline earlier, in the wake of Frank Ocean's Tumblr post that described a romance he had with a fellow a few Summers ago. That Louis Vitton garbed perma-scowling balls of confusion still roam the Earth is sad, but the larger reaction, "mostly shitloads of people saying they couldn't care less in textspeak," as The Telegraph's Catherine Gee told me on Twitter, was more encouraging. "I like living in an age where Frank Ocean comes out and people everywhere don't give a shit, loudly, in text spk," said my similarly broadsheet-employed friend Sophie. "I LOVE LIVING IN THE (ODD) FUTURE," I concurred.

Shout out the future. I've Been watching a lot of Only Fools And Horses lately. The 80s was a completely different world in some respects. A lot has changed... for the better and the worse. Here's to the next shift. May our kids learn from our ignorance.

Speaking of which, I just got back from outting a shelf up for Jeres, who hd no idea how to do suhc a thing. "I've never even seen anyone put a shelf up," he admitted. Jeres is in his mid thirties. It is mental. Here we are, with the new shelf. Jeres got it to put a monitior on. "It's not a telly!" he assured me. "It's just for watching DVDs."

Well that's OK then.

Hey, here's my new vlog, it's going to be on Huffington Post on Friday, with a full text version accompanying it. SCREW YOUR TRELLIS SPIDER-MAN SONY! YOU ASSHOLES!