Sum 41 kick ass!

Firstly... that is true. Jeres took me to see them last night and we were both amazed at their awesome might. Secondly... the video is ready for you. The nice people at Newgrounds seem to love it so much they've upped our allowed file size so the sound quality is now pretty nice. I just looked and it's had 45132 views. Goddamn!

Thirdly: A nice lad called Huw played one of my songs on radio Wales last night. Cymru Am Byth! safe as fuck!

I am happy.

Fourthly: That The game/Yukmouth Beef has gotten sillier. A Nice Homemade video (that works sometimes, so do try more than once if it sucks an ass) by Mr Mouth has surfaced, in with Yukky and his boys beat and humiliate a Game lookalike for three minutes. They spell as well as me, too. Peep.

FIVE! I am going to see the Super Furries tonight with some safe Welsh clarts. I am excited. YES IT IS TRUE!

Over and out.