Sublime/Ridiculous # 1: Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly's Batman + Robin VS Rob Liefeld's Gun Brandishing Obama

Let's see how regular this becomes... Last night I visited my comic book geekout haunts for the first time in a wee while - I've been kept at bay by Watchmen overload in those places. It's calming down a little now, thank fuck.

Anyway, I was very quickly kicked in the heart by a prime case of SUBLIME... since the end of Grant Morrison's runs on Batman and Final Crisis, along with All Star Superman, I've had little to look forward to in the comics world. So imagine my joy at the discovery of... some brand new Frank Quietly art? Frank Quietly Batman art? From a new comic written by Grant Morrison??!?!?!?!?!


This June sees the launch of Batman And Robin, a new 12 part tale written by Mozzer, and illustrated (for the first and final quarters) by Glasgae's finest.

Batman And Robin by Frank Quietly

"'Batman and Robin', which opens with the 3-part 'Batman Reborn' arc, is maybe more poppy, and more colourful, but it's also creepier," says Morrison. "It's like David Lynch doing the Batman TV show... Specifically for the project, I've asked Frank to choreograph the flow of the action in his own way, rather than dictate detailed panel compositions like usually do, and I've asked him to re-introduce the much-maligned sound effects to superhero comics but in a way that integrates them more closely with the art."


Batman and Robin cover, by Frank Quietly

Sublime indeed then. And if you're not sure who this new Batman and Robin are, well, I think this cover art confirms Damian is the "badass" Robin we've been hearing about. Fuck knows who the new Batman is, but I don't really care.

OK. On the the Ridiculous. You might have heard about the Obama Cover Arms Race kicked off by Eric Larsen last year, when he put the then aspiring Prez on the cover of his comic, The Savage Dragon. That went onto the be the biggest selling issue of the series in years, and was swagger jacked by Marvel, who waited till dude won before putting Obama-Man on the cover of Spider-Man, selling out 4 printings and making the news internationally. Larsen was pissed about this, and fired back with  a slew of Obama/Dragon covers, including one that depicted the now-President twatting Osama bin Laden in the face.


Well, never one to miss a trick, everybody favourite crazy person/super-star-artist-who-can't-draw Rob "Sick In The Face" Liefleld has got in on the action, putting Obama on the cover of his much derided Youngblood comic, to some astounding success. He follows this up now with ANOTHER Obama/Youngblood cover, but what's astounding about this one is he depicts the President of Nu-SA brandishing a fucking massive GUN!


Obama's Stonking Big Gun

All together now: WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?

Like, Wow, huh? I am amazed Liefeld managed to hold back from covering Obama with a whole gang of pouches and wrinkly face-lines, but I guess he made up for it with the big guy at the back. Dude still hasn't worked out how hands actually hold guns either - Chapel AND Obama's right hands seem to have turned into weird squished tentacles on which rest these ridonculous shooting devices, while Obama's left hand appears to have been chopped off, and that Chapel guy's found a novel way of handling his extra appendage. What's that button for? Activating Ghetto Blaster Mode? And given Obama's six-foot something, what kind of inhuman fucking monster is he hanging with here? And what's it got in all those pouches anyway? Bubble gum? Roofies? Steroids?