Stunners 130 is out now, on CD and MP3.

Stunners 130 is the best mixtape anyone has ever made, ever - a one hour sound collage that is guaranteed to ignite a party in even the most depressing circumstances *. A couple of exerts can be heard here.

The CD comes in a nice jewel case (see above), with a four page, full colour booklet and everything. Order yours for a fiver now. The MP3 is £2.50, and you can get it here. You can pay via Paypal, or whatever credit/debit card it is your Mum has.



1 - The Piper Machine Intro 2 - Go DJ 3 - Where's Your White Lines At? 4 - White Whores 5 - Smells Like Stunners (We Love This Thing) 6 - Stunners Stand Up 7 - Whut? 8 - California Stunners 9 - WHOOMPH! Therrre It Is! 10 - Robot Connection 11 - Signs Of Donliness 12 - Dime! Bar! 13 - Jager Shots (Fucking Around) 14 - I Just Can't Get Enough of Burning Down The Ghetto 15 - If I Was S'express I'd Fucking Sue The Klaxons 16 - Knights Of Boom 17 - 2 Many DJs Who Aren't Called Adam & Wade 18 - Ladies & Gentelmen We Are Poking Your Face

* Party not actually guaranteed on Mondays.**

** Yes we did use this exact same joke last time