Stuff That Is Ace

STUFF THAT IS ACE: 1: The new Meat Loaf record The Monster Is Loose. We are listening to it now, it is goliath.

2: Audio to jack cables. After a week of listening to music on our laptop speaker's, this afternoon's investment has brightened up our world. Now we can hear our music through the stereo, and it is awesome!

3: The Departed. We saw it last night down Union Square. Martin Scorsese is SO back! I was hating on dude after he let Leonardo DiCaprio ruin Gangs of New York. Thing is, the fat faced boy wonder is G-ed up like gangbusters in this. Even Matt Damon doesn't suck! Come on! Jack Nicholson scared the crap out of me! Mark Wahlberg was hilarious! Etc! Best cast, best movie in TIME. POP! POP!

4: My David Hasselhoff interview. Read it on PlayLouder now!