Storming The Charts!

Damn, that holiday seems a long time ago now! I have been working my lil' buns off ever since I got back. Much to consider.

But, first off, today I am STORMING SOME CHARTS!

The Hype Machine charts, to be exact. Right now Be Brave, from The Street Fighter Mixtape is sitting pretty at number 16 8 9 7 5 3. AMAZING! It's been climing all day, following its appearance on the site (and outside the chart) last night, via the perma-dope If you can spare the time, get your ass over there and hit the Tweet This Track link. Actually, this seems to work. I have never been on a big chart on my own before (I know, that's weird). This is a big deal to me! Serious! I am hyped!

Haha. "Hyped".

In other news, Because you demanded it, I'm reprinting The Omega Sanction Ts. ON THAT AMAZING CARBON NEUTRAL ORGANIC COTTON!

Yes. We've been out of those joints for a while. BUT IT IS A DESIGN CLASSIC. And needs to be on that super comfy cotton. And guess what?

I am not increasing the cost, even though they cost me a bunch more. They're still just £12.99. WOW!

They'll be in next week. Order yours now to guarantee satisfaction!

Lalalala. I'm looking forward to rocking that. I was rocking my old one in Malta. It felt good. Did I mention I fell asleep on a lido and woke up half way out to bloody sea? I was way past the buoys, and the people on the shore were mere dots. It was a pretty amazing feeling. Well, once I'd got all the salt water out of my lungs. I woke up because the wake of a jet boat knocked my snoozing ass off my 2 euro lido. I thought I was gonna drown to death for a second! I think I deserved it. I'd been grumping 'cos the sun was lurking behind a thin later of cloud. I still manage to amaze myself with my own dickery sometimes.

Imagine, grumping because of a thin layer of cloudl. In Malta? On holiday with family?

Dick move Donovan!

My goal this week - well, one of them - is to get through a whole week without making a single dick move. Starting now. I am going to get my friends, my girl, and YOU, dear reader, to judge. If I make a dick move I will have to pay some kind of forfeit. If I don't, I will WIN!

Speaking of which, you've got till tomorrow to get your CAPTION CONTEST entries in. We've got some string one's so far, but there's still room for someone to come in and steal the show.