So, last night I was kind of hungover, until the sheer might of the combined power of my band blew away those boozey cobwebs and our rehearsal, amongst other things, gave birth to the best version of ...AIDS there has thusfar been. Had a drink with Jeremy afterwards, who has quit his 60 a day fag habbit, and is veering between despair and elation and rage on a five minutely basis. We discussed. It was good. Then I went back to my so called home and could not get in, so I slept in the shed until Robert got back from boozing in town. Today I fell off the roof twice, in distinctly unheroic Spider-man break-in attempts, after the key Robert gave me to my so-called home got broke in the lock. All the rubbish that's collected in the front of the house in my absence broke my fall.

I just signed 1000 seven inches, and now I am off to see Mary and Jeremy and Wataru and rehearse. Tomorrow, we record kiddie choir for Back In The Day. I like kiddies lots and lots.