Woo hoo! I stole some internet off of somebody! In my house! HAHAHA! And, what I did, was I used it to sign up for some super fast broadband of my VERY OWN!

Glory days.

So, fuck CEO of Rocafella, Dame Dash is hitting back with, potentially, the biggest power move in rap history. Black owned distribution! Whoo!

Meanwhile, people vote. What for, remains unclear. We watched Evil Dead 2 last night. Shit was sweet.

Anyway, me and that Dogg are heading up to Manchester later, to play the Chips party. When we were in Crack Village we did it one time, and it was amazing, so I'm hyped.

Details -

Akira the Don - LIVE! Guest DJ - Martin Moscrop (ACR/Factory Records) Chips DJ's Golden Egg, XeroX, Superchat, Jimmy Jamez, Miss Spent and LA77. Charlie's, Harter Street 9 till late £5