Stocktakers of The World, Unite And Take Ketamine

Argh! It's 3:03 am! nearly three weeks till I get married! I have three video stems left to render before I can go to sleep! And... ur... I did my stocktaking earlier and there are 31 small ATD vintage grey tour T-shirts left! Argh! Threes everywhere ! I must flee the threes!

Hey, that rhymes!

Well, kinda. Anyway, I can't flee anything, I am rendering these video stems for the LITF 2.5 video. It's pretty flipping awesome. Scroobius Pip's bit alone could make a whole video in itself. Two videos, in fact. And change. It is the longest day of the year though, so that's OK. And what a day! It started with me being recommended by Chris Sims on the latest War Rocket Ajax podcast, which was an mighty honour, as I have been a big fan of Chris' writings since I happened upon the Invincible Super-Blog one night in 2009 and stayed up till 5am or something loling merrily at the archives, most memorably the drop about Batman and Superman spending the night together. Anyway, you can listen to the podcast here, it is very good and has an enlightening conversation with Iron man scribe Matt Fraction in it.

[wpaudio url="" text="WAR ROCKET AJAX"]

Speaking of comics, the Tumblr X-men roleplaying community picked up on my drawing of Wolverine in Emma Frost's costume as well, which was pretty cool, if kind of weird.

Anyway, like I said, I spent many hours today taking stock of my stock, and it turns out I Haven't Got A Great Deal Left. THEREFORE, I am putting the remainder of the exclusive vintage ATD T shirts that got made in Cardiff by genuine Welshmen on sale, for a mere £10!

Here's the shirt in question:

Here's MC Lars wearing the awesome Vintage ATD Shirt onstage:

All other T-shirts have been reduced as well, cos I am nice. And I need to make room in the house for the imminence of THE LIFE EQUATION STUFF, which I am told happens this Friday. I am super excited to see the fixed booklets and the T shirts! SUPER! EXCITED!

So, yes, go have a poke arouund in the shop and find yourself something nice.

So, I have, as mentioned previously, been playing a little Saints Row 2 lately. It is so fun. So, so fun. It makes me realise how unfun GTA4 was. It's like a beautiful sunny day to GTA4's English February. Not that I didn't enjoy GTA4. I did. I just didn't much enjoy getting phoned up by Nico's bloody cousin every time I was up on a building trying to shoot policemen before getting taken out by a helicopter just as it started getting fun then getting penalised for not wanting to go and watch Ricky Gervais with him, or whatever.

Saints Row 2 is basically GTA San Andreas 2, and GTA San Andreas was pretty much the funnest game ever. Saints Row 2 keeps all the best stuff from San Andreas, like graffiti, and the gang fights, and the weed dealers, and the helicopters, and chainsaws, and cranks the whole thing to a Spinal Tapian 11. Charlotte came in to check I wasn't dead on Sunday and I was spraying a church with a refuse truck. I took a half hour break today between Taking Stock, and killed about 234 gang members with a samurai sword and a flamethrower. There's a whole sequence of side-missions in which one poses as a policeman to film a Cops-spoofing Tv show wherein one is encouraged to disperse wage protesters with a flame thrower. The shit is fucking genius.

You also get to completely customise your character. My character looks like this at the moment:

Anyway, it is now 03:53 (ARGH!) and my videos have nearly finished rendering, so I am going to go to bed. I just nearly gave Charlotte a heart attack trying to find that picture of my Saint's Row character she took yesterday. "YOU COULD HAVE SEEN THE DRESS," she cried, which was true. That could have been a disaster! If the groom sees the wedding dress before wedding you are cursed by Nazi warlocks and doomed to have your wedding crashed by gun-toting cops/Owen Wilson and your idiot children join The Mickey Mouse Club, or something. I hadn't thought about that, obviously. Luckily I couldn't find the images folder on her phone, and she woke up and screamed at me in time, so the wedding is saved! And so are out chidrens. PHEW.